• Wall clock POINTS DIY

    Modern and funky wall clock POINTS DIY. One of the first FLEXISTYLE design. Absolutely bestseller clock for all kind interiors. Long bars from one side and dots on another side of clock face give modern and unusual appearance. Attached template make it easy to install.

  • Kitchen clock Cup

    Modern design kitchen wall clock. Bestseller FLEXISTYLE For the people who love coffee and would like to decorate kitchen in stylish way. Bestseller FLEXISTYLE. Easy to install.

  • Wall clock Splash

    Modern and funky wall clock. Modern Wall clock imitating big splash on the wall. Lively design suits perfectly for teenager room as well as for the ones who like unusual clock. Easy to install.

  • Wall clock Harmony

    Modern Wall clock Harmony inspired by symmetrical geometry. Large Wall clock face -50 cm does not only show the time. It decorates interiors in unconventional way. Product is made of combination high gloss and low gloss material. Product for those who require from Wall clock more than measuring the time.

  • Kitchen clock JUG with a CUP

    Fantastic kitchen clock which decorate your kitchen wall. Decoration consists of 2 parts - jug and cup which is fixed at the wall by installed tape.

  • Clock Butterflies

    Stylish and lovely design of that Wall clock will decorate a wall in your house. The pattern of flying butterflies gives impression of lightness and on the wall it looks pretty charming.



  • Decorative mirror Butterflies

    Modern wall mirror. Decorative mirror Rose consists of 10 single elements - 5 butterflies and 4 dragonflies of different size. They together create fantastic decoration.

    £30.00 £26.00
    • Reduced price
  • Decorative mirror Rose

    Modern wall mirror. Decorative mirror Rose consists of 14 single elements which create fantastic floral decoration. Templates attached to simplify installation.

    £38.00 £34.00
    • Reduced price
  • Decorative mirror Strips

    Modern wall mirror. Decorative mirror Strips consists of 19 single elements which create fantastic harmonic decoration. Easy to install.

    £40.00 £36.00
    • Reduced price
  • Kitchen clock Spoon

    Modern kitchen wall Wall clock. Modern Kitchen clock „SPOON” shape perfect for modern kitchen. Glossy Wall clock fits to modern kitchen furniture and creates unique climate. It is widely chose by restaurants and bars.

    £23.00 £20.00
    • Reduced price
  • Wall clock Flying...

    Beautiful wall clock with flying butterfly. Original Wall clock flying butterflies with 3D butterflies is a funky and modern decoration for each kind of interiors. White butterflies ideally contrast with wall clock face.

    £21.00 £19.00
    • Reduced price
  • Wall clock Leaves

    Modern and funky wall clock. Wall clock leaves was inspired by autumn flying leaves. Ideally fits to classic interiors. Easy to install.

    £24.00 £21.00
    • Reduced price

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